Tattoos on the hands and fingers: why we don't always accept

Tattoos on hands/fingers: why we don't always accept
10. novembre 2023

Many of you submit to our artists a tattoo project on the hands or fingers... and leave with a refusal. We explain why, at La Bête Humaine, we don't systematically agree to tattoo these particularly sensitive areas.

Reason #1: these tattoos can be socially detrimental

A realistic skull on the back of the hand, a sun engraved on the palm, religious symbols on the side of the phalanges: whatever the motif, its visibility can hinder your professional growth.

Even though tattoos have become widely accepted over the past decades, they remain a barrier for some professions. There’s even a slang term for these tattoos: the job stoppers...

Reason #2: these tattoos take longer to heal

No matter how many ointments and creams you apply after getting your tattoo, healing a tattoo on the hands or fingers will be more challenging than for a piece on another part of the body. Why? Because this area is constantly in use and exposed to daily threats: sunlight, soapy water...

Result: your tattoo is highly likely to fade and cost you touch-ups several times a year. It's not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it's something to know before taking the plunge.

When we agree to tattoo hands and fingers

Our tattooists prefer to tattoo the hands and fingers of those who already have pieces on so-called sensitive areas: the skull, the face, the neck, or another tattoo on the fingers or hands. This prerequisite tells us that you can tolerate such tattoos without harming your professional situation... and that reassures us greatly.

The key element is communication: our ethics require us to ensure that you are truly committed to getting inked beyond the wrist!

Getting tattoos on the arms, legs, back, and much more

Want a tattoo inked anywhere on your skin, from the wrist to the ankle going up to the neck? Our tattoo studio in Paris is available all year round! La Bête Humaine is open every day (except Sundays) from 10 am to 7 pm:

And in the gallery, check out some pieces done by our tattooists Pierre-Gilles Romieu, Bro Vanthorn, and Moka!

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