Your tattoo in a foreign language in Paris

Your tattoo in a foreign language in Paris
9. novembre 2023

Want to get inked in a foreign language without leaving Paris? Head to La Bête Humaine and its team of jovial polyglots!

Making tattoo rhyme with lettering

Script tattoos, also called "lettering" and sometimes written in plural as "letterings," refer to getting letters or scriptural characters tattooed onto the skin. They range from the shortest designs - a simple "mom" or a loved one's name – to the most intricate constructions such as sentences... or even complete paragraphs.

While many stick to the Latin alphabet and its 26 letters, others venture into diverse linguistic territories and lean towards alphabets such as:

  • Cyrillic, used notably by Russians and Ukrainians
  • Greek, one of the oldest in the world
  • Arabic, used from Morocco to Kazakhstan
  • Hebrew, used to write both the Jewish religious language and Yiddish

Not to mention the logograms that make up the script of the Chinese languages, or even kanji, used to write a part of the Japanese language...

Languages spoken by our tattoo artists

Given this vast choice, it's essential to be sure of yourself when you submit your final proposal to your tattoo artist. Who knows if a spelling error has crept into your phrase? If a character has been distorted? Or worse: if a complete misunderstanding has been etched into your skin?

To save you from the particularly undesirable consequences of such blunders (cover-up, tattoo removal... or simply being the subject of mockery by your friends), there's only one solution: trust tattoo artists who genuinely know what they're doing. And that's the case at La Bête Humaine – it's even one of our prides.

Together, our team is proficient in:

  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

And if you're looking to get inked in another language (Russian, Portuguese...), we'll be happy to tap into our network to ensure that your lettering is perfectly spelled and conveys the exact meaning you intend. We promise!

Get tattooed in English, Chinese, Japanese, or other in Paris

Have a lettering project to share with us? La Bête Humaine is open every day (except Sunday) from 10 am to 7 pm!

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