Covering a scar with a tattoo: how to
14. novembre 2023

A process of emotional healing, personal expression, or simply the desire for aesthetic camouflage: there are several reasons that can justify the covering of a scar with a tattoo. Types of marks, body areas, styles, precautions: our Parisian studio explains everything you need to know about the...

Pokémon tattoos: origins, styles, and designs
13. novembre 2023

Red, Silver, Ruby, Diamond, Ultra Moon, and even Pokémon Go: no matter which one introduced you to the famous Japanese saga, celebrate it with a tattoo! Styles, designs, steps: our tattoo studio tells you everything.

Pokémon: a franchise born in the mid-1990s


Tattoos on hands/fingers: why we don't always accept
10. novembre 2023

Many of you submit to our artists a tattoo project on the hands or fingers... and leave with a refusal. We explain why, at La Bête Humaine, we don't systematically agree to tattoo these particularly sensitive areas.

Reason #1: these tattoos can be socially detrimental...

Your tattoo in a foreign language in Paris
9. novembre 2023

Want to get inked in a foreign language without leaving Paris? Head to La Bête Humaine and its team of jovial polyglots!

Making tattoo rhyme with lettering

Script tattoos, also called "lettering" and sometimes written in plural as "letterings," refer to ...

Ghibli tattoos: My Neighbor Tattooro
8. novembre 2023

Think watching My Neighbor Totoro or Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea under the covers isn't your age anymore? Plan B: show your love for Studio Ghibli with a tattoo!

What is Studio Ghibli?

Ghibli is nothing less than one of the driving forces of...

Exposition de Goin : Santa Claus Doesn't Exist
7. novembre 2023

C’est l’événement de cette fin d’année à La Lison : l’exposition de Goin, street artiste pour qui l’art est acte de résistance, et les pochoirs et les bombes de peinture, des munitions pacifiques pour ramener...

Everything about freehand tattooing: definition, process, benefits
7. novembre 2023

Fans of freehand tattooing, the Parisian artists of La Bête Humaine tell you everything about this method: definition, steps, benefits, and examples!

What is freehand tattooing?

Freehand tattooing, sometimes spelled as two separate words "free hand", refers to a...

Sylvan tattoos: an art that stains the forest
6. novembre 2023

While some choose to get a small leaf inked, others opt for a discreet tree... but there are those who boldly choose the entire forest. Our tattoo studio in Paris introduces you to the sylvan tattoo!

The forest's rich symbolism

"The forest is still a bit of...

All about dark tattooing: definition, ideas, tattoo artists
3. novembre 2023

What exactly is a dark tattoo, and how does it differ from blackwork and blackout tattoos? Which are the most popular dark tattoo designs, and which tattoo artists have made this style famous? A guide from La Bête Humaine!

Dark tattoo, blackwork, blackout: What are we...

Couple's tattoo: 5 questions to make the right choice
3. novembre 2023

Do you find marriage, civil partnerships, and even living together a bit old-fashioned? To express the love you feel for your life partner, consider getting a couple's tattoo! La Bête Humaine answers 5 key questions to help you define your project.

Which matching tattoo...